CFO Services

In today’s challenging business environment, CFO plays a very vital role in creating optimal capital structure, business processes, business performance to achieve strategic goals and thereby maximize wealth of shareholders. Most SME’s owners recognize the need for this expertise but can not afford to have full time CFO.

There are four essential element of a CFO role and we can help you manage all of them:


Accurate and timely financial statements are very important for any business success as the quality of decision is totally dependent on quality of information you rely on. As your CFO, we will ensure you have access to all financial and non-financial information to help you make informed business decisions.

Risk Management

We will ensure you have proper internal controls to safeguard your assets, making sure you have appropriate insurance coverage, and are compliant with regulatory requirements such as taxation, employment and environment laws etc. We also advice on best financial structure with the right balance between debt and equity.

Financial Planning and Control

As your CFO, we will prepare profit projections and cash flow that link to your sale and expense projections to help you developing and implementing a strategic operating plan to help keep you on target.

Succession Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions

Our CFO services will help you get the financial management you need to maximise the potential in your business. We advise you what needs to be done operationally and strategically to ensure that your business will stand rigorous by a potential acquirer. Even if you are not planning to sell your business in foreseeable future, what succession plans do you have in place for your employees